My name is Jessica and I am wife to my amazing husband Tyler and dog mom to our pup Tango! I am an elementary school teacher and a certified holistic nutritionist who is eager to bring clean, simple, and nourishing meals and food inspiration into your homes!

My site is geared towards making your home a healthy, happy, and inviting place to be.  I focus my cooking and baking on using whole, unprocessed and REAL ingredients that will look and taste scrumptious!  

I have been an avid experimenter for as long as I can remember.  I was the child who made the potions on a rainy day in her family's kitchen.  I was the girl who took all of the cooking classes and then retried my creations for my family members.  Now I am the adult who enjoys staying in on a Friday night and crafting recipes for my husband and I. 

My love for this clean way of eating came about after many years of struggling with an undiagnosed digestive issue.  For many years I would eat what I felt like consuming and then pay the price later.  When I came into my late 20's and graduated from college, I knew this needed to change, and I became very conscious of what I was consuming, to an obsessive point.  I was so afraid of eating anything and I became so self-conscious of my body.

For a few years post college and into my early working career, I struggled with an eating disorder known as Orthorexia.  This disorder is labeled as a mixture between anorexia and a habit of over exercising.  My anxiety for keeping my digestive tract happy, and my overall OCD personality, morphed me into someone who started to hate food.  Through treatment and support from my friends and family, I have overcome the worst of this disorder and work every day to keep ED from coming back into my life and taking over.

This is why food and nutrition are so important to me.  When recovering I found solace in learning about the importance of food and educating myself on how much food can heal you.  

My hope for those of you visiting my page, is that you learn the importance of whole, real foods and tips and tricks for making cooking and eating this way simple and stress free!