Welcome to Wholehearted Homes! This site is a space to find easy and simple meals that are both nutritious and nourishing for you and your family!

The reason behind Wholehearted Homes

About 3 years ago I decided to start an instagram handle and a blog by the name of Homes Made Healthy. At the time, I was what I considered “in recovery” from my eating disorder (you can read more about this in the About Me section), although looking back, I was very much still in the throws of that nasty ED, and still today struggle with twinges of ED creeping back into my life if I am being truly honest ( this will be a life long battle that I will fight).

Homes Made Healthy came to me because I wanted a space for the recipes that I was creating, but I also wanted everyone to know the recipes were going to be healthier versions of what you would normally be eating (hello ED!). I was posting recipes that fell in with Paleo, Whole30, and other “healthy” food diets and clean eating challenges that were out there at the time, not realizing I was fueling my eating disorder with new labels to restrict myself with. Over the years, as I have evolved and learned more (thanks holistic nutritionist training!), I have stumbled upon a new outlook on food and nourishing our bodies.

I believe that I have truly started to heal my relationship with food over the past few months, and have come to the realization that Homes Made Healthy no longer reflects the message I want to be living. My old message was that you can eat anything as long as you make it “healthier” or “sugar free” or dairy/grain free”, and while I still do enjoy some of those foods that do not contain those items, I do not want that to be the message that I am spreading today.

Wholehearted Homes is a place where all foods are accepted, all body types are celebrated, and is a space where food is not holding all of the power, but rather, where it is a tool for fueling your body.

My site will stick to using real, whole foods to create meals that are nourishing and satisfying at the same time. It will be a place where you can find a knock your socks off chocolate chip cookie recipe and an awesome kale salad. Balance will be the name of the game here at Wholehearted Homes and I hope you join me in this new and truly authentic adventure that I am embarking on!

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