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Chocolate Mousse Filled Granola Cups

We are always looking for that middle of the week, easy to throw together dessert to have at night when your watching your favorite show ( Hello kids Baking Championship!) However, baking normally requires time and effort that we just don't want to put in.

Insert easy and quick mousse filled granola cups!  



1 bag of frozen cauliflower - steamed

 1 tbl coconut sugar

1/2 cocoa powder( I love the Nativa product)

1 tbl almond milk

Granola Cups:

1 cup purely Elizabeth granola ( I love their original flavor for this recipe!)

3 dates


1. Steam the cauliflower and place that and the mousse ingredients into a blender.  Blend until smooth and then put into the fridge until set and cold.

2. Take your granola cup ingredients, place into a food processor and pulse until combined.

3.  Put the mix in individual mini muffin tins, this should make 12.  Freeze for 1 hour.

4. Take mousse and put into a piping bag, or a plastic bag and snip off the ends.  Pipe the mousse into the cups and place in the fridge until ready to eat.  Garnish with a blueberry or tiny berry and some lemon zest.


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