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Whole 30 Paleo Pesto

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Pesto is one of those ingredients that, in my opinion, gets a bad rap. People always assume that pesto is to hard to make, requires to many ingredients, and is “unhealthy”. Well, this pesto recipe debunks all of those myths! Pesto is filled with protein and fiber and rich healthy fats that will keep you satiated for hours instead of minutes. This Whole 30 paleo pesto is made using four very simple ingredients that you certainly have in your fridge and can be made using a variety of these ingredients.

I have made this whole 30 and paleo by not including dairy or nutritional yeast which in my opinion isn’t necessary for a good pesto.

Here are the ingredients you need to make a good easy quick 5 minute pesto:

  • Greens ( arugula, spinach, lettuce, basil, kale, etc)

  • soft nuts ( cashews, pistachios, almonds, macadamias)

  • good quality olive oil ( don’t use coconut oil it will not taste good)

  • garlic cloves ( whole, minced, paste)

As you can see, this is a versatile sauce. Using what you have leftover in your fridge from the weeks grocery haul can turn into a luscious, creamy sauce to add to any meal!

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For this specific recipe I chose to use spinach, cashews, and a good Greek olive oil. When choosing your nuts, I always tend to go for cashews because when ground down, it gives a creamier texture to the pesto. You can also buy these nuts for cheaper by buying the cashew “pieces” which is just broken cashews, and it makes this more affordable and doesn’t affect the recipe at all!

Garlic is the last ingredient that you need, and please don't skimp on this one. Garlic adds to much flavor to this sauce and gives it the kick that it needs to bring the pesto together.

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Servings: 1.5 cups

3 handfuls of spinach ( or one big bag)

1/3 cup cashews

4 whole garlic cloves

1/4 cup olive oil plus a tablespoon for drizzling on top after

salt and pepper

  1. In a blender, food processor, or a morter and bowl, take your cashews and spinach and garlic and grind down until they are granule. Slowly add in your olive oil and blend until fully incorporated and creamy.

  2. Taste and then add salt and pepper if needed, I usually add a pinch of both.

  3. Take the pesto out and store in an air tight container with the 1 tablespoon of olive oil on top to preserve the pesto.

  4. Store in the fridge for up to 7 days.

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